The law offices of Julie Boren offer top-notch legal services in Rusk, TX. Julie Boren is a Rusk native and has worked as an assistant attorney general for the State of Texas and an assistant district attorney before beginning a private practice in East Texas. Contact us today to schedule your free legal consultation.

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Find a Rusk, TX Family Lawyer

Often litigated in special courts and in front of judges dedicated to adjudicating family cases, family law is a large practice area that can include everything from adoption to child custody cases. Family law is a delicate affair and a family law attorney will be able to help you through the process.

Julie Boren has extensive experience with family law and family courts. She’s helped dozens of clients in family court and is an experienced litigator and child advocate. Contact us today to schedule your free family law consultation.

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Find A Rusk, TX Criminal Lawyer

A misdemeanor or felony conviction can change the course of your life. They will make finding a job and renting a home or apartment difficult, if not impossible. It’s always in your interest to consult with a criminal defense attorney. They’ll help you understand what’s going to happen and if you choose to hire them, mount your defense in court.

As a former assistant district attorney, Julie Boren has a lot of experience with misdemeanor and felony criminal cases. She’s worked as both the prosecution and defense counsel, so she’ll be able to make sure you have the best legal defense available. If you need a criminal attorney, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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Find A Rusk, TX Divorce Lawyer

The emotional toil that comes during a divorce or separation is more than enough for most people to handle. They shouldn’t have to also worry about child custody, child and spousal supports, and the division of community property, too. A divorce attorney will handle the legal matters so you can focus on healing and starting anew.

A divorce agreement will include assigning property, the custody of any mutual children, and child support. In cases where there is fault, Texas may allow for punitive spousal support. Julie Borne has experience helping clients through a difficult divorce, all while ensuring the final agreement meets their demands. Contact us today to schedule your free legal consultation.

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Find Rusk, TX Estate Planning Services

Whether you’re a new parent or entering retirement, having a complete set of estate planning documents is essential to providing for your family and loved ones in the case of your death. They will include a will, legal powers of attorney, and other important documents that will help your family know your final wishes.

Julie Boren has helped hundreds of clients plan their final estate. She provides quality legal documentation that adheres to what your final wishes are. Contact us today to schedule your free estate planning consultation.

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