Before entering private practice, Julie Boren served as both an assistant attorney general of Texas and an assistant district attorney. She has the experience both in court and out of court to provide high-quality legal representation both in civil and criminal proceedings.

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Criminal Lawyer In Mt. Enterprise

While a criminal charge and conviction can carry heft fines and terms in prison, it can also carry dramatic social consequences. Convicts often have difficulty finding jobs and housing, for instance. A criminal defense attorney can provide more than representation in a trial. They can also file motions to have their client’s record expunged.

Julie Boren’s experience as both a prosecutor gives her insight into how the prosecution operates in criminal cases. As a criminal attorney, this allows her to mount the best possible case in trial. If you’ve been charged with a crime, it’s in your interest to find legal representation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Divorce Lawyer In Mt. Enterprise

It’s becoming more common for couples that are splitting up to write and file their own divorce agreements. While this may work for some divorces when both children and property are involved it can be incredibly difficult for the parties to agree. That’s why it’s important to hire legal representation in the event of a divorce.

Julie Boren has the experience to represent her client’s best interests both in and out of court. As a divorce attorney, she’s a fierce advocate for her client and strives to ensure that they receive an equitable division of property and a child custody agreement that benefits everyone.

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Family Lawyer In Mt. Enterprise

Family law is normally complicated, and family courts often appoint special attorneys to represent the children involved in cases before them. Because these cases often also involve agencies, it’s imperative to find legal representation that can plead your case before the court.

Julie Boren has helped defend individuals and families in front of family courts. She believes that families are strongest when they’re working together and always strives to find solutions that allow them to do so. If you’re preparing to appear in family court, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Estate Planning In Mt. Enterprise

Newlyweds and new parents should consider their end-of-life documents as soon as possible in the event of a tragedy. A legal will or power of attorney can avoid extended probate, where a family’s future may be uncertain or in jeopardy.

Julie Boren is an experienced estate planning attorney, and she will draft the end-of-life documents that will ensure your family--and your legacy--are safe. If you’d like to discuss your estate planning strategy, contact the law offices of Julie Boren today.

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