The law can be complicated, and you face dramatic consequences if you get on the wrong side of it in a civil or criminal trial.

You need a sharp advocate with experience in litigation and negotiation. As a former prosecutor and state’s attorney, Julie Boren has that experience and uses it as she works side-by-side with her clients to improve case outcomes.

Whether you’re in the midst of a divorce or have been arrested, Julie and her team are dedicated to helping you get through it.

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Criminal Defense Attorney in the Crockett, TX Area

Being arrested can be a dehumanizing and humiliating experience. Unfortunately, your arrest is only the beginning. You also have to go to trial, and that can sometimes take years.

The district attorney has extensive experience with prosecuting those they have accused of a crime. They know the judges, jailers, and police officers. They work closely together every day of the week.

You need a criminal defense lawyer that understands those connects. As a former prosecutor and state’s attorney, Julie Boren understand how district attorneys work–what their strengths and limitations are.

With that experience in your corner, you’ll have a better chance of evading the worst punishments for your crimes.

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Family courts are some of the most frightening in the state. In them, you’ll learn whether or not you’ll get to see your family or your children regularly. The stakes in family court couldn’t be higher.

In family court, you’ll litigate and negotiate custody, child support arrangements, and other vital aspects of your and your child’s life. As your family lawyer, Julie Boren will advocate for your interests and the interests of your child.

Our fashion of compassionate advocacy lends itself well to parents, children, and relatives. We aren’t just invested in better outcomes, either. We want the process to be painless.

If you need a family attorney to work with you in family court, contact the law offices of Jule Boren to schedule a consultation today.

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Couples who don’t own mutual property or have mutual children are opting to work together to write and file their divorces. This is a legitimate option, and it works well for some couples.

However, most divorces are more contentious, and child custody, child support, and mutual property are all at stake. These divorces can get ugly, and you need an experienced divorce attorney on your side to fight for your rights.

Julie Boren is a fierce advocate for her clients, and our team is here to support you throughout this difficult time. Whether you’re fighting for custody or support, we understand the stakes and work hard to get what you deserve.

If you’ve filed divorce papers, you need someone in your corner. Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation.

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Will & Probate Lawyer in the Crockett, TX Area

A lot of middle-aged couples make the mistake of thinking they have more than enough time to get their will and testament together. There are an astronomical number of widows and children in probate court trying to recover from a sudden death in the family.

If you’re married or have children, it’s vital that you have your end-of-life documents in order. Having them will prevent your family from languishing in probate, and trying to recover emotionally and financially from your death.

Julie Boren can help get your will and testament written and filed–both of which will help your family avoid probate and other delays if the unthinkable happens.

If you’re looking to get your will in order, contact our offices to schedule a consultation to tell us about your needs.

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Finding the right law firm for your needs can be a long process. No matter what kind of legal aid you need, the law offices of Julie Boren can help.

Our team is standing by to help guide you through the legal process, helping you improve case outcomes.

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