Julie Boren is an experienced civil and criminal lawyer that formerly served as an assistant attorney general of Texas and an assistant district attorney. She’s a capable litigator, negotiator, and lawyer and fierce advocate for her clients, whatever their case requires.

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Divorce Lawyer In Athens, TX

Recently, it has become fashionable for couples splitting up to use online legal services to draft their divorce decree in order to save money. This is a simple process for couples who don’t have children or mutual property, but many couples aren’t able to have such a simple divorce. In these cases, it’s imperative to hire a good divorce attorney to provide legal counsel.

Julie Boren has extensive experience supporting clients through and during divorce proceedings. She’ll support your interests during the division of property and in the determination of child custody. If you’re going through a divorce, contact the law offices of Julie Boren for a consultation.

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Criminal Lawyer In Athens, TX

Aside from the punishments leveled on a defendant after a guilty verdict, a criminal charge and conviction have social ramifications that make life difficult. A criminal defense attorney can not only provide legal defense during the trial but can move to mitigate some of those effects by having the conviction expunged.

Julie Boren’s background working as a prosecutor taught her a lot about criminal court proceedings. As a criminal attorney, she understands the pressures police and prosecutors face and can use that information to craft a compelling defense or win a dismissal. If you’ve been charged with a crime, contact the law offices of Julie Boren today.

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Family Lawyer In Athens, TX

Family courts differ from both criminal and civil courts dramatically. Because these issues often involve children, the court may appoint special attorneys to represent them in a family law case. In these matters, it’s imperative to find a family lawyer that can help negotiate with the various legal representation, the judge, and the agencies involved.

Julie Boren’s extensive experience working as both a prosecutor and for the state means that she has extensive experience with family law and family courts. She’s a fierce advocate for children and families and will bring that energy to your case. If you’re entering family court and need representation, contact us today.

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Estate Planning In Athens, TX

If you’ve recently gotten married or had a child, ensuring that you have the appropriate end-of-life documents, like a will or power of attorney, will ensure that in the event of a tragedy your family is able to continue to live in their home and go to work and school. They’re a basic necessity to ensure continuity after death.

Julie Boren has extensive experience helping young and old alike draft their end-of-life and other planning documents. If you’d like to discuss your estate planning strategy, contact us today.

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